About Me

Hello and welcome! I am Robyn Kirkpatrick, the face behind the camera, and the brush. Feel free to browse around at my work. I am based out of Cochrane, Alberta, but do much of my work in the Rocky Mountains and really anywhere a job takes me.


photo by Kara Rohl


I have an equal passion for photography and makeup. People always ask me which I like best – it is a little like choosing a favorite child! I started shooting in high school in my visual communications class where digital photography didn’t exist (I am dating myself here). My passion really took off when I purchased my first digital camera, and I have been riding that high ever since. I started doing makeup to supplement my photography work, but fell equally in love and I now do everything from weddings to Halloween makeup.

I have a familiar looking face. People always think they know me from somewhere. 50% think I went to high school with them and the other 50% think I just look like Jessica Biel or Scarlett Johansson. I usually prefer to hear the latter and like to flatter myself believing it. Consequently whenever I am editing a shoot for any length of time I start trying to figure out what celebrity my clients look like. Take a look a Carmelle and Logan’s anniversary shoot and tell me if you see Jane Krakowski from 30 rock 😉

The loves of my life are my beautiful baby Brynn, my husband, my cat, mountains, fitness, Jack Johnson, City and colour, hockey and Sidney Crosby (and the Pittsburgh Penguins) – not necessarily in that order. I also love travelling, although I only get to do a fraction of what I would like to. Instead I spend a lot of time reminiscing about my time in Paris, Montreux and Florence and am planning to return as soon as humanly possible!

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